Can this be one of the happier outcomes of climate change? Cyclamen enthusiasts once had to travel to Mediterranean shores to find this hardy plant growing in the wild, but now this beautiful little flower is thriving in its location off the CREOS Lower Path and getting more abundant every year.

Our cyclamen has been identified as cyclamen hederifolium, which occurs throughout the Mediterranean area, and here it is one of the most familiar species in gardens. It closely resembles both c. africanum and c. confusum, with which it is found together in the wild in the limited area of Crete where c. confusum occurs. The flowers appear in September and are at their best in October. The leaves appear later than the flowers and are not easy to see as they look similar to the ivy amongst which the plant is growing.

Do look out for it next time you visit the CREOS area.  To find out more about Cyclamen plants, visit here>>