There has been a persistent problem with Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica) in the CREOS area.  It is pleasing to report that this is now well on the way to eradication.

In 2021 and 2022 there were four  clumps in the bramble patches along the edge of the meadow. Treatment began in April 2023. New emerging shoots were cut back and hollow stems filled with glyphosate.  This treatment has been repeated at monthly intervals. New shoots have had much reduced vigour  and, by the end of July 2023,  only  one patch  of just five shoots was detected. None of the other plants have been affected by the highly targeted herbicide treatment and all the cut stems have been disposed of as non-recyclable rubbish. The biggest hazard in dealing with the knotweed is the rampant bramble.

Treatments will continue until the late autumn of 2023  but the knotweed  may still re-emerge in 2024 and require further treatment. If you spot any new patches of Japanese Knotweed emerging please do alert us so that we can take the necessary action. You can find further information about Japanese Knotweed at the Royal Horticultural Society website here>>.