The new Meadow Path is now almost complete. The decision to build a path across the meadow was not taken lightly. The problem is that water drains into the meadow and in winter months it becomes extremely boggy. More and more people have been getting as far as the meadow and despite arriving at an impassable morass of mud have not wanted to turn back. This has led to an enormous amount of trampling over the grass and through the bushes. After much deliberation the committee therefore came to the reluctant decision that we had to build a path right across the meadow, or there would soon be no grass left at all!

We decided to build a hoggin path. Initially it may look intrusive but after a short while it will become coated with mud and moss and blend in perfectly with the environment.  As the adjacent grass recovers it should be barely noticeable.  We agreed on a route curving slightly towards the bench, but not going right up to the bench as that area is so badly damaged that the bench needs re-setting and its surroundings re-landscaping and this can be done at a future date. We are also proposing that the barest areas at both ends of the path be seeded with wildflower seeds, to take advantage of the lack of grass.

We are most grateful to members and others who have made generous contributions towards the cost of this work.