As you can see in this photo, the CREOS bench, which has been there twenty years or so, has sunk down in the mud. There are two other benches in the meadow that have unfortunately suffered the same fate. The three benches are unusable in winter with such big puddles in front of them, and even in summer their sunken position makes them unsuitable for the elderly who are the ones most in need of a sit-down!  So our intention is to to have these benches lifted and placed onto a concrete base. Then we can raise and restore the level of the grass in front of them.

We are delighted that a building company, Myco Contracts Ltd, has offered to undertake this work as a community project, free of charge. Myco has also made a generous donation to the Meadow path project.  The work is now scheduled to happen during June. Since they will be laying fresh concrete, we advise dog owners to keep their dogs on a lead if crossing the meadow when the work takes place.