Our next workday will be on Sunday August 21st from 11am to 1pm.  A variety of tasks will be available, including cutting back and litter picking. We will be removing ivy from veteran oaks, clearing dead leaves out of ditches, cutting back unwanted growth around our young saplings, litter-picking, cutting back brambles and doing a few repairs to our footpaths, particularly the new meadow path, which has suffered from the intense heat in recent weeks.

In addition, we will be having two sessions of watering our recently planted saplings that have been badly affected by the drought. The recent rains have washed their leaves and perked them up a bit, but the water has only soaked into the top of the soil. Please join us if you can, bringing a watering can or bucket, to the allotments access road between 85 and 87 Wood Vale at 7pm on Thursday 18th and again on Monday 22nd.  A kindly neighbour has offered to put a hosepipe over the fence so we can fill our containers, but this will be our last chance to water the trees before the hosepipe ban comes into force.

All welcome – do come even if for a short time. Meet in the meadow, where wildflowers are now thriving alongside the new path!